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March 2015 News Update

Our website is temporarily disabled. The is semi active.

Mar 2015: Due to the Central California (or all of California, for that matter) drought, Laguna Lake became unassailable for a few months, We now are back into our Tue & Thu 8-to-11 sailing meets. Our new location is on the East end of the lake, near Madonna rd.



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General Information

Overview of Laguna Lake  & Our Sailing Course
San Luis Obispo CA 93401 @ Exit 101 at Madonna, S to Daliddio, R to the Lake
1. General Sailing: You can Sail on Laguna Lake any day. Our Buoys are permanently placed. No power boats allowed. 
2. Racing Schedule, Wind    and Quorum permitting  :
  Race Days: Every Tuesday and Thursday
  Race Times: 8:30 am to 11:30 am  
Note: Race Days and Times are only suggested. If in doubt, contact us (see Contact Info)


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Our Tips and Information

Contents of this Section:
1. CR914 Racing Class Rules
 2. Sails and Booms  Trimming Chart
3. CR Recommended Parts (What to Buy)
4. Simple Sailing Rules
5.. Our Frequency Useage and Sail Numbers
6. Helpful Thumbnail Photos
1. CR914 Racing Class Rules:
Race rules dictate that the boat is stock, unless specifically allowed in the racing rules:
One of the modifications allowed is to the Mast Crane. On Laguna Lake we occasionally need a long pole retrieve our boats from the reeds. Paul Genshaw came up with this a mod to prevent damage to the Cranes. Please contact us for details.
2. Sails and Booms Trimming Chart:
Mast Rake (Transom to Mast Tip)
53 5/16
53 3/4
53 9/16
Lower Shroud Tension
no Slack
no Slack
Backstay Tension
Main Outhaul / Sail Draft
~ 3/4″
~ 1 1/4″
~ 1 1/2″
Jib Outhaul / Sail Draft
~ 5/8″
~ 1 1/8″
~ 1 3/8″
Cunningham Tension
Minimum Tight
no Slack
Boom Vang Tension
Main Boom Tip to Center, Sails Filled
~ 3″
~ 2″
~ 1 1/2″
Jib Boom Angle (Degrees)
~13 (Uppers)
~10 (Lowers)
~10 (Lowers
3. Our CR Recommend Parts List (What to Buy):
 The CR kit comes complete with the radio. Check the link to Chesapeak Performance Models @  You can also select the amount of pre-build that you prefer. Additional stuff you need:
3.1 -The Radio is included in the kit. With your order you will need to specify an Open Frequency from the ‘Frequency List’ that follows.
3.2 – Make sure to add a ‘Bumper‘ to your order. It is required on your boat.
3.313 NiMh AA size Batteries; 2000 mAH capacity, or higher, are recommended.
3.3.1 – 8 of the Batteries are used in the Transmitter.
3.3.2 – The others are used to build a 5-cell Battery Pack for the CR. See Section 6 below for a photo. We will help you with this step.
3.4Charger. A Futaba wall block charger works well and takes 24 Hours to complete a full charge from fully drained. There are many options for Fast-Chargers.
3.5 – Two Single Pulley Blocks; one is used for the Sail Servo Arm, and one for the Sail exit line. These are optional but have held very well for us. We use the #164 PeKaBe Blocks; an alternate is # 253, by KDH 
3.6 – Finish:
3.6.1 – Krylon ‘Fusion’ Paint. This is a good choice, and does not require priming.
3.6.2Decals of yourr choice. Many sources are available.
4. Simple Racing Rules  (if there is such a thing!):
Here comes the interesting part.
4.1 – The best way to learn the basics is the following link: ; this is fun and well done.
4.2 – A simplified set of rules have been developped specifically for our environment. Here is the link
5. Our Members, Sail Numbers :
Adams Phil  CR 1586 / Odom
Akle Wade  CR 1590
Gallo Tony CR 1346
Gegg Collin CR 1547
Genshaw Paul  CR 1284
Grisham Howard CR 1382
Kizziar Bob Odom 180
Misson Bob CR
Patrick Suzanne Odom 992
Phillips Bud  CR 1424
Spencer Tom CR 1328
Toschi Steve  CR 1448 / Odom 542
Jennings Chuck 
Kovak Josh
Founding Life Member: Dale Wold

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